Introduction to Adtrack by KANTAR

Adtrack, measuring TV advertising’s effectiveness

In South Africa, the leading role of TV in the media mix remains unquestioned, with Establishment Survey data showing 97% of South Africans watched TV in the last week. But in an ever-changing media environment, it is getting increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter. Only 1 in 5 ads managed to do so in 2019.

Given this tough environment, it has become more important than ever to understand not only how your advert is performing, but also the landscape it is competing in.

Kantar’s Adtrack system is the most comprehensive and sophisticated post-launch evaluation and planning efficiency
tool available today, helping you address these key questions:

  • How should I optimise my TV  creative/investment?
  • How should I phase my TV spend to deliver the best in- market performance?
  • What is the optimal TV media  investment required for future campaigns, in order to maintain high levels of
    brand awareness?

The value of ensuring the correct media weight at launch is crucial, as this provides a solid foundation for optimal flighting

It’s essential to properly establish a campaign upfront so that the ad has the best chance of cutting through.

Adtrack provides media launch weight guidelines by category and/or sub-category, to guide clients when planning their campaign launches. Understanding this will help you phase your media investment for optimal performance.


Noting levels by different media pressure levels market segment X

  In addition to launch weight benchmarks, we also analyse the competitor media environment over the campaign period to better understand the context of the other ads yours competed against.

To better understand the ad’s performance, we will  look at share of voice, as well as the role of the station mix in the campaign launch.


Gauging how well a campaign performs in-market:


Determining how a campaign performs in-market involves assessing the transition from ‘opportunity to see’ to actual awareness (how many people claim to have seen advertising for a specific brand/product) and noting (how many of those people can accurately describe at least 75% of the commercial).

These awareness and noting levels are compared against category norms to see whether the campaign performed above or below the benchmarks.

Understanding the creative


Years of pre-testing have revealed three key factors that drive advertising performance:

  • Brand linkage
  • Enjoyment (liking)
  • Engagement

All ads have a strategic role to play in driving the desired messaging, however these measures help ads to cut through the clutter, if given sufficient media weight.

Understanding is one thing, but how can Kantar help you optimise for the future?

Over a continuous 6-week tracking period, Adtrack monitors a commercial’s in-market awareness (verified noting) and relates this to the commercial’s media over the same period. Based on the results, a modeling analysis is derived to quantify the commercial’s impact and retention rates.

These are then compared to other adverts within the client’s competitive set and plotted on the impact-retention chart, which is used as a strategic tool to guide client’s future flighting strategies.



We also need to measure the creative and compare it against benchmarks, to fully understand the advert’s performance in market.





Which of these phrases applies to this ad for BRAND X?




Couldn’t fail to remember



Quite good at making  you remember



Not all that good



For any brand



Could be for anything





Please select one word from each of these three lists that applies most to BRAND X

Ad total sample






Which of these impressions did the advert give you about BRAND X?

Ad total sample


Total impressions


Campaign norm


The Adtrack Media Optimiser tool is then used to simulate the client’s marketing parameters, to establish the most efficient and effective future flighting strategy.


Planned to AR’s budget: 1000 AR’s  |  Parameters: Cost per AR = R 27 690│ AR’s Budget = 1000 AR’s │ Minimum AR’s = 50  Output: AR’s = 1000│ Spend = R 27 690 000 Schedule Performance = 1 196









Norm is based on LSM 5-6 or LSM 7-10. The results are sig tested to determine if the advert and key competitors are performing significantly above or below norm




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