COVID-19 has changed everything, has your marketing plan kept up?

In partnership with Financial Mail’s Redzone, Kantar shares their eight-wave global COVID-19 Barometer study that taps into the ever-changing attitudes of over 150,000 consumers.  This study helps marketers keep their fingers on the pulse of changes brought about by coronavirus, so brands can better understand the impact of the pandemic and the ensuing changing consumer behaviours.

Following on from that, findings from Kantar’s Global Business Compass Survey, conducted among 4,500 business leaders with over 900 of them C-suite, can help your business navigate the unknown with insights to contextualise, align and inform your recovery strategy in 2021 and beyond.

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Questions?  Chat to Ivan Moroke, CEO Insights Division, Kantar at ivan.moroke@kantar.com or Natalie Otte, Chief Client Officer, Insights Division, Kantar natalie.otte@kantar.com

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