Media Reactions 2021: it's a piece of cake!

We’ve cooked up a media storm! First, we brought you the webinar: Media MasterChef, the recipe for success (click here to watch on demand). Now grab a coffee and discover that you can have your cake and eat it, too. Download our media recipe book for success. Find out which consumer and marketer attitudes have changed, which have stayed the same, which media brands have retained their appeal and which have grown stronger.

We know that understanding media placements is getting more complex, changing media behaviour adds to the mix and it’s imperative that brands stay relevant in the right environment.

Kantar’s Media Reactions study unpacks the secret ingredients for the ultimate media mix in South Africa. We’ve put together this recipe book to give brands the best chance of success – by understanding all the elements that contribute to making brands grow through where they advertise. 

We look at how marketers perceive different touchpoints vs. consumers and where gaps and opportunities lie and unpack why the fight for offline vs. online is now non-existent.

Critics are touting this as “the media recipe book of 2021.”

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Check out the global Media Reactions report and find out where great ads thrive in other countries.

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