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No time to make consumer-led business decisions, but need answers to your burning questions yesterday? Check out our agile solutions to help you get the answers you need so you can make fast decisions using quality data with the support of a team of industry experts.

Accelerated Answers

A flexible quick-turn field and tab solution to get answers fast via an online/mobile survey. Target audiences can be pre-defined and sample designs customised for your brand. Timelines from 48 hours. The results delivered as Excel tables/SPSS data file.

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The bus is back! Cost-effective answers to your tactical questions, fielded amongst a connected target audience via an online/mobile survey. Results delivered as Excel tables. Set monthly timelines apply for submitting questions via this syndicated research offering.

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Conversational AI

Understand shifts in category behaviour and drivers of brand growth through exploratory conversations, at scale. Our chatbots get to the heart of peoples' stories, true passions and motivations, to underpin precise activation and impactful brand communications.

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Marketplace for creative

Want to make sure that your ad investment generates brand return? Get ad-testing results in as little as 10 hours with results available in an online dashboard. Book a demo now and see how you can maximise your creative investment.

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Marketplace for digital media effectiveness

Determine the brand impact and creative strength of your digital content in context. Optimise your digital media strategy with the right content across Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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Marketplace for innovation

Prioritise investment behind the concepts and ideas that win with consumers. Quickly test your concepts and ideas as well as pack prototypes to ensure that your innovation drives business growth.

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Kantar Profiles is the engine behind studies like Kantar BrandZ and Africa Life, and have established themselves as mobile and online data experts since 2009, working across South Africa and the continent to bring you research at the speed of business. Chat to Diane Gantz to find out more about Accelerated Answers and our Omnibus solutions or to request a demo.

Kantar Marketplace is our automated market research and asset management platform designed to let you test, learn and move fast, delivering comprehensive consumer insights via an interactive dashboard. Request a demo, chat to Stacy Saggers and find out how easy it is to engage customers with online research on Marketplace or via our chatbots.

Read more about our agile solutions here. Questions? Chat to your Kantar contact or get in touch by reply mail. With insights faster than your ice cream can melt, we’d love to partner with you to better understand consumers, turning insights into actionable business opportunities that grow your business and your brand.

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