2022 in Africa: the Good, the Tough and the Growth

Metaverse. Omicron. Vax. Anti-vax. Elections. Crypto. Suffice it to say, 2022 is coming up plentiful. After two years of a pandemic that is not going anywhere and uncertainty levels that remain high, the profound human desire to grow remains undamaged.

We learnt a lot. We know a little. We want more.

As the year begins, our Kantar overview looks at how COVID-19, politics and technology are impacting businesses and consumers alike, and reveals the opportunities that arise in the buzzing region of West Africa.

Living through a pandemic leaves a scar: consumer confidence stagnates at lower levels than pre-pandemic; consumers continue to search for positive options: better for my body, better for my mind and better for my pocket. Winning brands will be those that revitalise hope and optimism in authentic ways, and promote wellbeing, physical and mental health, both actively and pragmatically.

The roll out of 5G is expected to further accelerate our truly digital lifestyles and social media will take an unprecedented place in the lives of West African consumers. To stay future-fit, brands will need to refine their digital strategies, moving from ‘online for engagement’ to ‘online for sales’. Social media is the marketplace of the day and of the future.

If necessity is the mother of invention, creativity brings it to life, and Africanity sells. Local will continue to inspire rising entrepreneurs and established brands alike. Another iteration of Local is Love is expected.

At Kantar, we stick to our passion: we will continue to explore the world with curious and growth-hungry eyes, and share insights and ideas we believe will help advance both your brands and the world of consumers alike.

We hope you’ll enjoy the read and that the ideas will help spark your brand’s growth ambitions.

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